What is a Worry Free Cremation™?

A Worry Free Cremation™ describes the South Carolina Cremation Society’s emphasis on, and commitment to, professional cremation services you can trust. We opened our doors in 2000, to provide simple and inexpensive cremation services in a trusted, professional environment. We developed a ten-step process, the Worry Free Cremation™, to ensure the deceased is properly handled. We welcome you to ask questions, are open and clear about our fees, and invite you to visit our crematory. We take care of everything so you needn’t worry.

What is the price for cremation in South Carolina?

Please call us at 855 552 8586 for an immediate cremation price quote. If you’d prefer, fill out the contact form and we will call or email you with pricing information. Our price for cremation is modest.

Where do you provide services?

Throughout South Carolina. At the time of death, we pick up the deceased anywhere in South Carolina and transport the deceased to the crematory.

Can I visit the crematory?

Of course. Just call us at (855) 552-8586to arrange a tour.

Can I stay and watch during my loved one’s cremation?

Absolutely. Should you wish to be present, we let you know when the cremation is scheduled. Because the sound inside the cremation room is so loud, we have built a windowed observation room.

Can I start the cremation?

Yes. We have a remote starter in the observation room so you can initiate the cremation.

Can I have a funeral or memorial service?

Yes. We are able to offer a memorial service for a modest fee at a partner funeral home near our crematory. Call us at (855) 552-8586 should you need to coordinate funeral services or have questions about services.

Do you offer cremation discounts for veterans?

While we do not offer special veteran’s pricing, we do work with families to ensure veterans receive every benefit to which they are entitled.

Do you offer cremation urns and caskets?

Yes, we offer cremation caskets should you choose a container more substantial than our basic container. Additionally, we offer a selection of urns from which to choose.

If I pay for the cost of cremation in advance, will there be additional fees at the time of death?

Paying today’s cost of cremation in South Carolina locks in that price, avoiding future cost increases.

There are minor additional fees for certified copies of death certificates: $12 for the first copy and $3 for additional copies, and for county coroner fees of up to $25 where applicable. We are happy to help write an obituary, but pass on any fees charged by newspapers for their publication.

There are also additional costs for extra services and products, including the purchase of a different cremation casket or urn, a private family visitation, or a memorial service.

Does the body need to be embalmed?

No. However, if cremation will be delayed for a funeral or public visitation of the body, please call us at (855) 552-8586 to discuss the timing and see of there is a benefit to embalming.

Do I need to pick up the cremated remains following cremation?

No. We also offer these options:
Mailing cremated returns to next of kin
Scattering of ashes
Burial in our partner memorial park
Scatter ashes at sea.

These services incur additional fees.

Is there a complete price for a South Carolina cremation?

Yes. Depending on your location in South Carolina, however, we may charge mileage fees for the transport of the deceased to the crematory. Call us at 855-552-8586 for details.

How do I get my Social Security or Veteran’s death benefit?

We will help you complete the paperwork and file your application(s).

Are you licensed?

Yes. The South Carolina Cremation Society is licensed as a funeral home by the state of South Carolina. The South Carolina Cremation Society was started by a licensed South Carolina Funeral Director, and employs licensed funeral directors.

Should you have any questions not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us at 855-552-8586, or complete this form and we will contact you.